Guyana, the only English speaking country on the South American continent, has an area equivalent to the size of Great Britain but a population of only around 750,000 who come from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. The former British colony gained independence in 1966.  Guyana boasts a remarkably rich ecology being 80% covered in tropical rainforest but the country has one of South America’s poorest economies.

The Society has a presence in 8 of the 10 administrative regions. At present, there are 15 Conferences twinned with SVP Conferences in England & Wales, providing both financial and spiritual support.

The Society manages four homes for the elderly and we have provided some support for their maintenance. Over recent years, a number of small projects have also been set up. These comprise, for example, chicken rearing, sewing, an SVP shop and maintenance of a home for the elderly.  Most of the small projects are aimed at raising funds to enable the Conferences to purchase food for those in need within their communities.

Download the Guyana Visit Report – February 2015

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