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At the time of the floods Sebastian Muir, National Twinnage Officer (SVP England & Wales) reported direct from South India:




I am sure you will all be aware of the ongoing devastating flooding in Kerala.

According to Sky news the estimated number of people made homeless is upwards of a quarter of a million – but this is sure to rise.  As always it is the Poor who suffer most and who have lost everything of whatever little they had.  While Kerala is known as a relatively well-off State, there are still millions of Poor who live in make-shift tumbledown “buildings” of wattle, corrugated metal and coconut leaves and which would have simply washed away under the tumult of the rains.

The National Twinnage Committee is sending a donation from the Disaster Fund but the fund is very depleted at the moment.  The National Council of India and we are looking to raise a considerable sum to help with the relief of those affected and with the rebuilding that will inevitably be required.

All contributions to the Disaster Fund will be very welcome……..All monies will be sent by the secure route of the SVP in India and will be used only by the SVP there.

I cannot stress the dire need of our spiritual and financial support at this time.

By coincidence I am currently in South India although on the eastern side of the subcontinent.

Sebastian Muir
National Twinnage Officer
18 August 2018

THE NATIONAL DISASTER FUND – SVP (ENGLAND & WALES) is responding immediately to this emergency and we are appealing to members and the general public for donations.

SVP Conferences can donate through the established Twinnage system. You can make a Personal contribution which can be gift-aided and sent through your local SVP Conference. OR you can send your donation to:

SVP Twinnage Disaster Fund
PO Box 318

WHEN THE FLOODS HAVE GONE DOWN the rest of the world is likely to turn its back on Kerala. The problems there will no longer make the headlines, but the work of SVP members there will carry on FOR YEARS TO COME…… after day…….week after week……….month after month…..







Dear Brothers and sisters

Thank you very much for all the support you are offering at this hour of crisis. The death toll in the last six days is 250 as per government release. The numbers could be much more when the picture is more clear.

The flood water is slowly receding, and people are slowly moving back to their homes to see if it exists at all. Even if they exist it will be damaged and full of mud. In Kerala we have open wells in most of the houses. But all these wells are contaminated. All efforts are being made to clean up the wells and houses. Food grains are also supplied to victims as it is not available due to the flooding of shops and markets. We are also trying to provide dress materials (most needed) sanitary items, medicines etc.

Some parts if the state are still under water. The rain also has subsided and people are moving out of the relief camps

Now the biggest challenge for the victims is to make their homes fit for living. All houses are damaged partially or fully. The furniture is fully damaged and whatever they had in their houses are fully lost.

Once the victims leave the relief camps we wish to concentrate on supporting them to rebuild their lives which is a herculean task.

But we are confident that the state will overcome all these challenges standing together.

Let me also inform you that the Church is using all its resources to support the victims. Most of our churches, schools, colleges were thrown open as relief camps.

Once again thank you all for your prayers and financial support.


Johnson Varghese

National President, St Vincent de Paul Society, India.


The following video was taken by our funding partners and shows an IDP camp run by the SVP in Juba, South Sudan.


Our members in South Sudan are desperate for more support. Contributions for the Sudan appeal are falling fast as a result of other demands on your generosity. To see the how we are helping vast numbers of displaced people please look at the latest video produced by Patrick Bittar, from our funding partners in South Sudan:

Camp de déplacés de Mahat, Juba, Sud-Soudan by oraetlabora

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