SVP Twinnage in England & Wales operates in 4 distinct areas:

Conference Twin to Twin:

Prayer is the key aspect of any successful Twinning. The promise to pray for the Twin is really what sets Twinnage apart from a secular exercise.

It is impossible to really have a good relationship with a Twin without a closer link. Correspondence is the answer and letters should be exchanged at least three times each year.  In this way a true bond can be established.

The tangible evidence of our sharing is shown by our Financial Support.  This helps our overseas Brothers and Sisters to increase their efforts to overcome the poverty in their own Parishes.

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Projects are always initiated by a Twinned Conference overseas and approved by its National Council.  The chance to support a Project is always offered first to the Twin in this country.  Projects may be for Training Institutes, starting small businesses, equipment for tradesmen, sanitation, housing and many others. If a UK Conference can help support a Project, contact your Central Council Twinnage Officer.

For more information and examples of Projects, please click here.

Student Sponsorship:

Student Sponsorship helps with the education of poor students in India. Currently £15 is all that is needed to help one student in their studies for a year.

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Disaster Fund:

Disaster Fund is designed to meet the immediate needs of the poor ANYWHERE when a disaster of any kind strikes.  Almost as soon as it has reached the news, it is likely that a donation is on its way to the National Council of the affected country.

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Sudan Major Support Programmes:

Whilst the work of the SVP Conferences in Sudan is carried out on a one-to-one basis, the Society in Sudan has responded to the desperate needs of the largest country in Africa by developing some major programmes. These include: foster homes for children, provision of clean water, health clinics, vocational training and baby feeding. All the work of the SVP in Sudan supports hundreds of thousands (of the millions) of people who have been displaced by civil conflict. SVP members there are responding to the desperate needs of the people in ways which astonish even the most experienced aid workers.

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