Q. How Long Does A Twin Last?

A. There is no defined period for such a link. Local needs will always take precedence over support for the Twin. There will be times when the link has to be changed or broken, for example:

– When the Twin Conference overseas has financial self-sufficiency;
– When the Twin Conference or the Donor Conference goes into abeyance;
– When the supporting Twin is no longer able to offer financial support for the its Twin;
– By the mutual agreement of both Conferences or the National or Central Councils of the Conferences.

Even when the formal Twinning link has to be broken it is likely that the friendship and spiritual bonds will not be lost and Conferences and members are encouraged to maintain contact with and prayer for the Twin.

Q. How do I get involved?

A. Make contact with the SVP Central Council Twinnage Officer. They will have information and application forms. An individual or family can also adopt a Twin but this must be done through the Central Council.

OR you can download an application form from the resources section of this web site.

Q. How much of my donation goes in direct help

A. Unlike other charitable organisations we do not take anything out of the donations made through Twinnage. 100% of what you give goes directly for the purpose you have chosen

Q. How do I donate?

A. You can donate either:
Through your local SVP Conference
Through your local Central Council Twinnage Officer
Texting sing your mobile phone
Direct on line through the link on this website “DONATE NOW!”

Q. I want to get involved, how much time would I need to give?

A. As much time as you want! We are grateful for any additional volunteers and your work could involve organising and fund raising locally to assisting in overseas programmes depending on your skills knowledge and experience.

Q. I see you still support work in India. Is this right considering their current position within the G20?

A. This is a very common question. The people of India do still need much support. Whilst the country was elevated into the G20 group of countries based on GDP, it is only ranked 137 based on GDP per Capita. Indeed, there are more people living India below the UN poverty line than in the whole of sub-Saharan Africa combined.

Q. How do I know that my money reaches those in need.

A.  All donations are paid direct from the SVP Twinnage Bank Account in the UK to the SVP Bank Account in the receiving country using electronic transfer. The recipient SVP account is treated in the same way as ours; that is at least 2 authorised signatures are required before money is withdrawn or used to settle expenses.

Q. How do I know that my money is being used for the purpose for which I intended?

A. Members of the Twinnage Committee undertake regular monitoring visits to our twinned countries to ensure that all funds are used correctly and that the recipient SVP are achieving the outcomes expected.

– The recipient SVP also submit regular self monitoring reports. The objectives of the reports are to:
– Measure outputs for each programme against agreed targets
– Ensure that donations made by benefactors are used for the purpose for which they were intended.
– Identify reasons for under, or over achievement of target outputs
– Identify areas of potential improvement.

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